CAUTION: CONTENTS HOT! Workshops for adults and children

The accompanying programmes are based on a playful guided tour of the exhibition and subsequent artistic reflection in the art-studio of the Portheimka Glass Museum.


Touch and Imprint – Texture, Surface, Composition

Workshop for adults and children consists from a tour of the exhibition and the subsequent artistic reflection, in which we will together try to find answers not only to the questions inspired by the displayed artworks, but also to those that will immediately arise out of the situation within the exhibition premises. In the studio, we will explore combined graphics techniques such as letterpress printing (monotype) and collage print with emphasis on composition, texture and surface.


Urban Vibe

In the first part of this workshop for adults and children, we will explore the exhibition and try to find the joint work of Vendulka Prchalová and Helena Todd, Urban Vibe. We will further develop this artistic installation in the studio, where we will become artists for a while and create a city forest based on our own imagination. We will create variations of the same shapes (used by the artist in the exposition) using an A3 sheet of paper and based on a template or shapes printed on the foil. Emphasis will be put on the play with lines and their variation, the reflection of the city in the form of fluorescent painting.



This workshop for adults and children is divided in two parts. First, in the exhibition, we will study together the interconnection of various materials with glass in the artworks of Vendulka Prchalová and Helena Todd. In the second part, we will move to the studio where we will create artworks from an ordinary off-the-shelf glass by enhancing it with materials of our choice (leather, textile, plastic…). The glass surface can also be artistically decorated with glass-decorating techniques (grinding, drawing and painting).


Glowing Cocoon 

This workshop for adults and children is closely linked to the exhibition, in which we will gradually unwind the thread that will guide us through the exhibition. We will experience the diversity of materials, their characteristics and unusual combinations, which are the main theme of the exhibition. In the second part, we will move to an artistic studio, where we the unwound textile threads will be rewound on glass candlesticks. We will focus on the structure, shape and effect of the lighting of the textile fibre by a candle flame.


The World before / behind the Curtain 

This workshop for adults and children is inspired by an unconventional architectural design of the exhibition, which is dominated by textile material in the form of a curtain. What are curtains for in general? Do they protect us from the outside world and create a sense of intimacy? Or do we delimit the territory with curtains? What are their characteristics and structure? In the first part of the workshop, we will explore the architectural design of the exhibition; in the second part, we will create artworks by combining various techniques using a picture frame. The core will be a curtain of your choice, and by fusing (sintering, embroidery, interlacing, gluing unconventional materials) and printing, we will create a world before or behind the curtain.


Fees for the extra program

for the public in Czech:
850 CZK + the admission fee per person (group of max. 15 people)

for the public in a foreign language (English, Italian or German):
950 CZK + the admission fee per person (group of max. 15 people)