Birthday of Meda Mládek

From the morning on 8th September 2019, an all-day event open for the public will be taking place not only in the Museum Kampa but also in the Werich Villa and the Portheimka Glass Museum.

The above-mentioned edifices will be joined by an action game for children based on art activities and interactive tasks. At each checkpoint, for fulfilling the task, the children will receive a stamp on a special card they can then exchange for a reward in the Museum Kampa. The game format is a well-tried one and popular among parents – at the opening of the Werich Villa, 120 children and 98 parents participated in a similar event.

Museum Kampa

silk-screen printing, commented reports on Meda Mládek’s life every hour, making of flat cakes, a toast, cutting cakes, singers – happy birthday to you (Dagmar Zázvůrková).

The programme is still being enlarged by other groups of people who would also like to wish a happy birthday to Meda Mládek. Together with them, we are searching for ways how to make it interesting and entertaining (live images, musical performances, etc).

Werichova vila

loop of TV programmes with Meda Mládek, workshop in the villa garden

Museum skla Portheimka

all-day workshop Brooch Meda 100, announcing the winners of the jewel contest organized by Portheimka

7+1 Masters of Czech Glass Exhibition

The commented visit of the permanent exhibition Glass as Art of the Museum of Glass Portheimka with an emphasis on the artists who were presented and exhibited by Meda Mládek in New York in 1983 at the exhibition: Czechoslovak Glass: Seven Masters. In 2016, the Museum Kampa organized an exhibition bearing a similar title 7+1 Masters of Czechglass. It wasn’t a reconstruction of the exhibition but a reminder of fundamental figures of Czech modern and contemporary glass art. The Museum Kampa and Meda Mládek organized several independent exhibitions that represented the studio glass, as it is called. Since June 2018, the Museum Kampa has run the Museum of Glass Portheimka, the only Prague’s museum of glass. The permanent exhibition will focus mainly on the works by: Václav Cígler, Vladimír Kopecký, Jiří Harcuba, Jaroslava Brychtová and Stanislav Libenský, Věra Lišková, René Roubíček and Miluše Roubíčková.

Brooch Meda 100

Workshop both for adults and children who are interested in making their own brooch under the guidance of professional jewellers. The material for their fabrication will be glass and metal artificial gems. The workshop is designed for those willing to step out of mainstream who, together with the Museum of Glass Portheimka, want to celebrate 100th birthday of Meda Mládek, renowned for her refined style, which also involves jewellery.


Sunday 8th September 2019